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Speech Sounds on Cue Demo Free Download for Mac Users

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Please note that Speech Sounds on Cue is only compatible with 32 bit Macs, and will not work on newer 64 bit Macs.

 You can download a free trial from the button below. To make it smaller and easier to download, this trial only shows you the exercises for the letter W.


Download now

View or print installation instructions for Mac Users.

After installation, open the Speech Sounds On Cue folder in your Applications folder and click on the Icon called SpeechSoundsOnCue.app to start the demo.

This demo lets you use the the exercises for the W sound only. To use the other sounds or the printable exercises you need to purchase the full program on CD-ROM or you can download it for Windows or download onto your Mac.

You can see helpful tips and instructions from the Help tab within the program.

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