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Sights 'n Sounds 1


Product Description

Australian Version Delivered on CD ROM

Please Contact Us if you prefer to download the software and we will send you the Download links and Installation Codes.

For speech production and articulation at the word level.

  1. Presents patient with a stimulus (Picture, spoken word, or written word)
  2. Records the patient's speeech and plays it back with the model speech for comparison. 
  3. DELUXE AND PRO versions allow you to make your own exercises for functional communication therapy. Edit the text and audio recordings for funtional vocabulary and short phrases - even in different languages!! (as long as the languages can be spelled with the English keyboard.) 


Therapy for all skill levels ...
6 Levels of difficulty with over 400 practical, useful words.

  1. Single syllable words
  2. Short words, organized by beginning sound (at, abe, able, boy, bay, boat, etc.)
  3. Short words, organized by ending sound (cat, boat, tow, stow, etc.)
  4. Pictures and words for nouns.
  5. Pictures and words for verbs.
  6. Words for abstract concepts (mind, happy, etc.)

Use the mouse, touchscreen or the keyboard.

  • Speaks the word (if desired) using pre-recorded Australian voice. This model provides a reference for the patient.
  • Records the patient speaking the word, then...
  • Plays back the recorded patient speech and the model for easy comparison.

Easy to use:

Sights 'n Sounds can operated using only a single key (the spacebar), or with a touchscreen computer ensuring that anyone can use the program. It can also be used with additional keys for more flexibility, or the mouse.

Extra Features in DELUXE version

  • Add your own words, pictures and audio!


The Deluxe version allows you to edit the existing content or add 600 additional exercises.


Add family member names, functional phrases, hobby and work vocabulary - or words in other languages (if they use the English keyboard)


Extra Features in PRO version

  • Licensed to install it on 2 computers (PCs) on one site.
  • Edit the existing content or create up to 600 custom lessons (eg under clients name or type of exercise - for example compound words, consonant blends, different languages) with 600 exercises in each.
  • Add family member names, functional phrases, hobby and work vocabulary - or words in other languages
  • Choose which is presented automatically - eg picture prompt, written word prompt or spoken word. (then the user clicks for help only when needed)

Free trial Download

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Computer Requirements

Windows 3.1 or higher, 486 DX or higher CPU, 8 MB or more memory, 5 MB Hard Drive space

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