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  • Auditory Discrimination
  • Auditory Discrimination - words
  • Understanding words
  • Understanding sentences
  • Understanding conversations
  • Auditory Discrimination - Non Words
  • Visual Processing - matching shapes
  • Visual Processing - matching pictures
  • Visual Processing - Symbols
  • Visual Processing - Numbers
  • Word to picture Matching
  • Picture to word matching
  • Sentence to picture matching
  • Sentence judgement
  • Reading comprehension - paragraph
  • Semantic Associations
  • Semantic Relationships
  • Categorisation
  • Category sorting
  • Semantics - understanding concepts
  • Word finding - homonyms
  • Auditory memory
  • Remembering items in sequence
  • Life skills - time
  • problem solving - time
  • Money
  • Pragmatics - understanding Idioms



Product Description

React2 is a comprehensive set of 7,800 exercises in 5 Modules - now with Australian accent.  There is a level to suit all levels of Aphasia rehablitation and child/adolescent language development.

React2 combines the development skills of a team of speech and language therapists from NHS Borders, Scotland, with input from specialists in the UK and around the world.

Each exercise has been carefully graded in both the use of vocabulary and task complexity, with much of the vocabulary selected from the Downs Ed lists.

Affordable subscriptions are now available for home users.

Specifically Developed for use with:

  • Adults with aphasia 
  • Adults and children with learning difficulties 
  • Children with delayed or disordered language 

Each exercise has been carefully graded in both the use of vocabulary and task complexity.

The five modules contain around 7,800 exercises.

Auditory Processing


  • Auditory discrimination
  • Understanding words 
  • Understanding sentences 
  • Understanding conversations

Visual Processing


  • Matching
  • Reading comprehension 
  • Spelling and word building



  • Associations
  • Semantic relationships 
  • Classification/categorisation (pictures) 
  • Category sorting 
  • Classification/categorisation (words) 
  • Concepts 
  • Vocabulary and word finding

Memory /Sequencing


  • Memory
  • Memory/sequencing

Life Skills


  • Money
  • Clock - Auditory and Written 
  • Clock - Problem Solving 
  • Time - Problem Solving 
  • Functional Reading 
  • Pragmatics

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React2 Aus version2 Installation and Activation instructions

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Minimum system requirements:

For Windows PC with USB port. Windows© 98, SE, Me, 2000, XP or Vista Operating systems. Minimum 64mb RAM SVGA 800x600 (resolution) 16 bit colour display or higher.
This version is on a CD ROM - to be installed on one computer. Multiple user discounts available.


Choose the USB Dongle option above if you want to use REACT2 on multiple computers (not at the same time)

1GB USB Plug & Play Dongle, plugs in to the USB port.

Another exciting development from Propeller. Have you ever wished you could use the React2 program on your laptop or use it on clients' computers? Do you need to move between treatment rooms? Well now you CAN with our Plug & Play Dongle option.

Plays straight away - now no need to activate for each computer.

Here's how it works. We will install React2 on USB Dongle to give you a "mobile" program that you can use on as many clients' computers as you wish - with a single user license. Or move between clinic rooms. The program works for as long as the Dongle is plugged in.

You cannot of course leave the full program with the client (although he/she may wish to purchase a personal copy or a 3 month or 12 month subscription)

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