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lingWAVES Phonetogram Light

The easy way to do a Voice Range Profile

Frequency Range (Hz and on musical keyboard) and Dynamic range (loudness in Absolute dB)

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The Phonetogram light software for voice range and dynamics measurement has been developed for everyday use in the field of voice therapy and is based on the latest technical and scientific innovations as well as on established standards.

A specialized recording technique makes a high- precision and variable measurement and representation of sound intensity and voice pitch possible in real- time. The program interface is designed for easy and intuitive operating and the software is compatible with the latest Windows Systems.


The Phonetogram light program interface. Based on common Windows standards, it offers easy operating. As view mode, polygon or cluster view can be selected. Statistical information is displayed on the right upper side of the window. The measuring data can be displayed at the mouse cursor in the phonetogram.

Comparing, Saving, Printing

Every recorded phonetogram of a patient can be saved and printed out comfortably for documentation. On the printout, the name of the institution and information on the patient can be specified. To interpret and document changes in voice range and dynamics, it is possible to import an archived phonetogram as comparative phonetogram. Again, this comparison can be enriched with information on the printout.

Precise measurement

Exact Phonetography is not possible with common soundcards and microphones because of technical differences. To ovecome this problem the lingWAVES Phonetogram uses a standardized sound level meter (SPL) microphone and a separate high quality soundcard contained in a USB Connector Cable. 


The lingWAVES Basic Phonetogram (Phoneotgram Light) at a glance:


  • Standardized measurement of voice range and dynamics, based on UEP (Union of European Phoniatricians)
  • Standardized sound level meter (IEC 651 Typ2 / ANSI S1.4 Type 2) range: 40 - 120 dB (A) for COM-Port, precision +/- 1,5 dB
  • Pitch measurement 50 - 1.560 Hz
  • Switchable polygon or cluster view
  • Printout, Archiving and comparison of two phonetograms
  • Easy and intuitive operating, English handbook and English program interface

System Requirements

Windows Operating System XP, Vista,7 or 8 min. Pentium IV, min. 512 MB working storage, 60 MB hard disk capacity, sound card, PC loudspeakers, CD-ROM drive, 3 x USB port for SPL meter and dongle

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