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Free Demos

We firmly believe that you should only buy the software that you have tried so you know it benefits you and works well on your computer equipment.

We provide free trials of most of our programs and apps.

Most let you use the program 5 times for free.  React2 lets you use the full program for 2 weeks.  Speech Sounds on Cue lets you use a sample (the W exercises) forever. 

How to request free sampler CDs (Australian and New Zealand only)


An easy way to try all the Bungalow Programs plus Speech Sounds on Cue for free for one week is to sign up for our Monthly Subscriptions.

Cancel within the first week and your credit card is not charged (you will receive an email reminder)

Want to try a program right now? Download free trials using the links below.


For Speech and Expressive Language

Click on the program name to download

Apraxia or severe word finding

 Speech Sounds On Cue - Windows (31 mb)

Speech Sounds On Cue - Mac (23mb) 

Dysarthria, apraxia or expressive language difficulties

Speech at Word level:

Sights n Sounds 1 (87 mb)


Speech at Sentence level:

Sights n Sounds 2 (Sentences) (118 mb)


Saying numbers and money amounts:

Numbers n sounds (8.4 mb)

Sentence construction and creating video messages and speeches.

Sentence Shaper 2 Pro with editing

For WordFinding or Naming

Easiest level  - provides the most cues (including videos to copy)to assist  Speech Sounds On Cue - Windows (31 mb)
  Speech Sounds On Cue - Mac (23mb) 
 For naming pictures and letters of the alphabet Aphasia Tutor 1 and 2 Outloud (88.6 mb)
 For naming pictures in response to phrases and sentences Aphasia Tutor 1 and 2 - Same download as above.
 For high level naming and semantics  Synonyms Antonyms and Homonyms (10.3 mb)
   Categories and words (7.3 mb)

React2 (try the Semantics Section)

 For auditory comprehension (understanding language)

   React2 (try the auditory comprehension section)
   Understanding Questions Outloud (39.2 mb)
   Direction Following Outloud (2 mb)

 For reading comprehension

   Aphasia Tutor 3 (paragraph reading) and Aphasia tutor 4 (Functional Reading) (5.5 mb)

Free Trials of Apps

Here are links to free trials of selected sounds in our Australian Versions of our apps.

Find the links for other countries here:

Speech Sounds on Cue for iPad

Speech Sounds For Kids



Free apps from WEVOSYS (developers of lingWAVES Voice and Speech Analysis software and Systems)





Trials of lingWAVES Voice Analysis and Feedback software and Systems

View a video demonstration of lingWAVES Voice Protocol


View a Demonstration video of lingWAVES TheraVOX

 View a Video Demonstration of lingWAVES Vospector

View a video demonstration of a Professional Voice Assessment using lingWAVES Voice Clinic Suite Pro (Screening of Students voices at the College of Education at Saltzburg, Austria.)

 Instructional Video - how to do a Voice Range Profile including DSI measurement with Voice Clinic Suite Pro

Need to try a new Voice Analysis System for your clinic?

If you require a trial of lingWAVES Voice Protocol or Voice Clinic Suite Pro you will need to contact us to request a loan of the SPL Microphone and Connecter cable with inbuilt Sound Card for Absolute dB data measurement. (The trial lasts for 2 weeks and there is a waiting list for this service and you need to pay for the return postage)

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