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Product Description

Australian Version Delivered on CD ROM

Please Contact Us if you prefer to download the software and we will send you the Download links and Installation Codes.

Six (6) different lessons. Improves ability to recognize semantic word relationships. (e.g., cow is a type of ANIMAL, etc.). Unlimited therapy, with over 200,000 different questions.

User progresses through exercises from simple category completion and naming though deductive reasoning to determine word relationships.

Over 200,000 questions divided into 6 different lessons:

  1. Match the word to its group ex:, chicken is a: country, bird, food, or building. 
  2. Match the group to the word: ex:, which is a bird? : dolphin, hawk, chair, ice cream. 
  3. Pick the member that doesn't belong ex:, chair, chicken, stool, bench). 
  4. Pick the category based on a rule (e.g., "Chicken and pigeon are members, stool is not", is "bench a member?"). 
  5. Pick the category based on a memorised rule (same as 4, but user must remember the rule). 
  6. Deduce the mystery category based on which items are, or are not, in the category.

Typical Usage: Appropriate for high-level aphasia, TBI, and language-based learning disabilities. Ages 12 to adult.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Unlimited therapy... Categories creates a new lesson every time you use it. Our resident mathematician has calculated between 200,000 and 500,000 possible question/answer combinations. 
  • Therapy for all skill levels ... Graduated, increasing difficulty levels from the very simple Level 1 to the brain teasers at level 6.
  • Flexible... Change the font size for users with vision problems.

Easy-to-use. You can use the mouse, touchscreen or keyboard.

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Computer Requirements

Microsoft Windows (Any version from 1998 to present: 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and 8),
32 MB or more memory
About 20 MB Hard Drive space

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