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RBH Perceptual Voice Analysis training app

Available free on the app store from this link

Product Description

The app helps you to practice your perceptual assessment of voice quality

Perceptual voice assessment training - learn and practice a correct voice RBH (roughness, breathiness and overall severity) assessment as part of GRBAS perceptual assessment.

This app provides recorded samples of different types of voice disorders and different ORB degrees sevrity ratings. The samples are in German but are useful for perceptual training no matter what your primary language is. 

All samples are rated by voice experts from the team of Ear Nose and Throat Specialist Prof. Dr. med. Tadeus Nawka of Berlin.  Rate them yourself and compare your ratings with those of experts.

You can practice scoring using either an analog scaled score or score out of 3 The app offers ORB analog and RBH ordinal (Europe) scale

For Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, iOS 6 and higher

Made by WEVOSYS, the developers of International standard lingWAVES voice and speech analysis software systems.

Download for free from the iTunes App store from the link below.  After practising using the free samples, there is an option to purchase additional recordings to score (up to 250 samples in total)

Click on the View button below to download the app for free in Australia



Click on the View button below to download the app for free in the US



or search in for "RBH" in your country's iTunes App store


How to use it:

Learn perceptual voice assessment with a large database of voice disorders using either a visual analoge scale 0 - 100 below



  or RBH score out of 3 (0,1,2,3)


 Now test your assessment skills with diffferent voice samples ...


  ... and check your score



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